Male or Female

Our cat Fluffy has been running outside more and more, so we thought it was time to have him neutered.  Our neighbor had a cat get injured and I gave her a ride to the vet and he told her she needed to continue coming with her cat for treatments.  I thought if I’m driving there anyway, I should get Fluffy fixed.  I called the vet in advance and he told me what day would work best.  This morning was the day!  My neighbor hopped in with her cat and I had Fluffy ready to go and off we went.  First my neighbor’s cat was taken care of, then time for Fluffy.  The vet examined Fluffy very closely and looked puzzled.  He looked up and told me Fluffy is a female not a male.  He said he couldn’t spay Fluffy today and we will need to return.  I have a little health record book for Fluffy that this same vet gave me after he gave Fluffy all his/her shots and he wrote for gender MALE.  I showed him the book and where he wrote MALE.  He took the book and wrote an FE in front of MALE and handed it back.  So, I’m confused if we have a boy cat or a girl cat.

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  1. Pop-Pop says:

    Male or female, they are so cute. Hopefully Fluffy can be taken care of before you have lots of little “fluffies” running around.

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