Notre Chat Fluffy (Our Cat Fluffy)

We’ve had our cat about 3 months now.  At first, he was very sweet and didn’t bother us while we slept, then he started sleeping in our bed and attacking our toes when he thinks it’s time for us to get up.  He’s a strange cat because he likes water and eats everything (fruits, vegetables, anything).  He has been jumping on our countertops in the kitchen and we continually are telling him to get down and trying to train him to not go on the countertops.  Yesterday during lunch we noticed that when Fluffy was on the countertop, Sophie said, “Descend,” and Fluffy got down.  Last night when we wanted him to get down we said it in French (descend) and the cat did it.  We realized that his language is French and now we know how to get him to respond to our requests.

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4 Responses to Notre Chat Fluffy (Our Cat Fluffy)

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    Wow – maybe if I start talking to Snuggles and Patches in French, they’ll get down. (By the way, Snuggles likes to wake us up when he thinks it’s time to eat – every morning at 5 a.m.) Fotunately, I’m an early riser.

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