During Social Studies in class last Friday we (DeAnna & Jonah) covered cities.  We talked about how cities have buildings, stores, churches and roads.  To help them understand, they built their own city using blocks and train track pieces.  After the city was built they played with it.  Jonah asked Deborah how she pronounces her name in French.  She responded with the same pronunciation as in English.  Jonah continued asking her questions and the two only spoke in French during their play time.  With toy cars in hand they discussed how the city is nice, but they need to go back to their village because they like to be in their village.  I chuckled as I listened and it dawned on me how different their world view than mine.  Here the majority of people will work in Yaoundé and go to their home village on the weekends.  During FES sessions at the school, the families who live in the villages come into Yaoundé for two weeks of school with the students who are based in Yaoundé.

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2 Responses to Kindergarteners

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    Perspective makes all the difference. Perhaps we would all be better off if we remembered the simplicity of our kindergarten years. It might help people better understand the simple truth of the Gospel.

  2. Carolyn says:

    I love hearing Jonah’s little voice and treasure the times he talked to his toys as he played while I sat next to him. I’m glad you’re with him at school to share so many of his learning experiences.

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