Winner! Gagner!

Since I’m (DeAnna) teaching Kindergarten now, I get to enjoy a 4 days a week schedule with Wednesdays off.  This morning while grocery shopping, I selected our preferred powdered milk package and was stopped by a person stocking the shelves.  I thought she asked me what I was searching for, so I promptly responded for the item I was having difficulties finding.  She told me no and said, “le lait” (the milk).  I said that I already had le lait.  She took the package of milk out of my hand and started to peel tape off the back of it.  She scratched a little scratcher area and said, “Gagner!”  I knew that gagner means winner, but I was very confused about the whole thing.  A person with me was very excited and started clapping.  The lady went to the back of the store and returned with a little metal box that has a selection of geometry tools in it.  I gladly accepted and left the store with my cadeau (gift).  As I looked at the store leaving I saw a large sign in the window advertising that during the month of September the Bridel milk brand is having a game of scratch to win.  It makes me laugh to think I won a prize while purchasing powdered milk.

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2 Responses to Winner! Gagner!

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    Way to go DeAnna. You’ve always been a winner!

  2. Carolyn says:

    From childhood school carnival prize winning to being crowned Leeton Fair Queen to a scratch-off package of powdered milk…you have a knack for being at the right place at the right time! Love, Mom

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