Cool Taxi Ride

Last night, I needed to taxi to a friend’s house to meet her for a class.  The first 2 taxi’s that stopped to hear my offer passed on my offer.  The third came along, I made my offer and he honked in confirmation.  I hopped in the back next to a larger older man.  There was a man in the front passenger seat and the driver.  I could tell the driver and passenger next to me had been in a conversation with the man in the front passenger seat.  The driver and man next to me were witnessing to the man in the front seat in French, telling him about a personal relationship with Jesus!  Then I picked on that to answer the man’s questions, they were using a village language.  Wow!  What a cool demonstration of why we are here.  All people understand best in their heart language.  These men used the language that would speak the most clearly to the man in the front seat.

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1 Response to Cool Taxi Ride

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    How cool! God puts us in just the right place to confirm that He has us right where He wants us.

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