Driving to Eseka

Saturday we went on a daytrip to Eseka about 2 hours away from Yaoundé.  This was our first time out of the city.  We were able to see up close the mountainous landscape that we can only see in the distance from Yaoundé.  We saw the edge of the rainforest of Cameroon, a rainbow and a spectacular sunset.  It never ceases to amaze me of the natural beauty God has given us to remind us of Him.  We serve an awesome God!

On the comical side of things, we saw a bridge to no where.  There is a bridge leaving Yaoundé that wasn’t completed so it just stops.  The first road we were on was paved, smooth and very nice; the second road was paved with a few potholes and alright; the third road had many more holes and a little rougher; then the off road section was very rough and quite adventurous.  When we drove to the toll area on the first road, there was a person dressed in orange to take the toll and people surround the vehicle to sell you all kinds of things.  This brings a whole new meaning to drive through.  We enjoyed buying plantain chips from the vendors.

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2 Responses to Driving to Eseka

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    How exciting. We pray every day that God will affirm His directing of your lives. Obviously, the rainbow is one of those affirmations.

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