Maximum Capacity

The boys and I (DeAnna) took a taxi to have a play date with some friends.  Friday nights are an extremely busy travel night because many people who work in Yaoundé stay throughout the week and on weekends travel back to their villages to be with family.  After waiting while 10+ taxi’s passed by, not even slowing down to hear my offer because they were so full, a taxi pulled up.  The taxi’s are a small Toyota Corolla.  This particular taxi had the driver, 2 adults in the front seat and 3 adults in the backseat.  The driver listened to my offer and confirmed he would take me and the boys.  The people in the backseat made a little space and both boys were on my lap and away we went.  Jonah enjoyed the ride and even said that when he grows up he would like to be a taxi driver in Yaoundé.  We are continually learning new cultural lessons daily and this lesson is that a personal space bubble doesn’t exist in our new culture.

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2 Responses to Maximum Capacity

  1. Carolyn says:

    Evidently there’s no child’s car seat requirement in Yaounde’. Remember we shuffled car seats/booster seats from van to car in the US? Knowing you, your arms lock around those boys as tight as a Missouri seat belt. The culture is such a different way of life…in so many ways. It’s hard to imagine. Love you. Miss you.

  2. Pop-Pop says:

    It seems as if flexibility is the only constant. I’m glad Jonah has a dream to follow. Tell him when he has his license, he can be pop-pop’s taxi driver any day.

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