Manna from Heaven

We had been in Cameroon 5 days and DeAnna was told that there was going to be a picnic for all the children that were going  into grades K through 6th and everyone was to suppose bring a desert to share. Up to now all our meals had been provided for us by other missionary families. We hadn’t learned where the “market” was or what type of food was even available to make a desert yet.

As we talked about what she might be able to make we heard a loud thud outside, a coconut fell out of our tree and the next day we went to the market and the people that were with us were shocked that there was sweetened condensed milk on the shelf. So with our freshly fallen coconut, a rare can of sweetened condensed milk and some vanilla DeAnna whipped up some tasty coconut macaroon cookies.

He rained down manna for them to eat; he gave them bread from heaven. Psalm 78:24 NIV

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3 Responses to Manna from Heaven

  1. barbara says:

    is that macaroons or camaroons?!?? or maybe mannaroons? (you can tell i’ve been around kids too much today!?!!) ;o)

    fun story! and it looks like you’ve got a welcoming community of fellow-workers!

  2. Pop-Pop says:

    As always – very creative.

  3. Lisa says:

    Hey DeAnna! I love you friend and I miss you! I love seeing your smiling face in this picture. 🙂 Must talk soon…even if I only get to hear every 3rd word you say!!

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