French language lesson

Today we learned that you can start your day without washing (se laver) but it’s not possible to be sitting in your chair without getting out of bed (se lever). So after our instructor smelled a few students and graded their hygiene along with their pronunciation we moved around the class to list other reflexive verbs that we know. The first few that were listed I knew and when it got to me I said se maquiller which means to put makeup on.

Not really a big deal until the next question is to your wife asking if your husband wears makeup. Her answer was yes. There was one time for a tv interview I had powder applied to my forehead because there was a slight glare so my wife smiled and said yes he wears makeup, and since I didn’t raise my hand for washing or taking a shower earlier I now had the privilege of creating the past tense form of putting makeup on.

So now I am able to also use the reflexive verb s’amuser (to have fun) as we practiced making up sentences and writing down the sentences that our instructor gave us.

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1 Response to French language lesson

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    Davud – I didn’t know you wore make-up – even if only once. We continue to pray as you continue to learn.

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