Study break

finalsWe just finished up a week of testing and now we have a week and a half off from school. It felt like a week of finals but we kept having tests on the same subject, either oral, written or grammar – and for some reason that I haven’t figured out yet, spelling counts. No points for correctly spelling words just missing points for incorrectly spelling a word.

We are glad to be able to have a break to put into practice the French that we have spent the last two months learning. I know the boys are excited to not have to go to school for a whole week! We are planning on doing some short day trips to see some of the sights that we have not seen yet in Paris and revisiting one or two of the places that the boys really enjoyed.

The boys are doing well in school and Jonah was finally sent home with some of the work that he has been doing for the last 2 months, we were curious what they did all day since he never came home with any papers and Jonah just said that he didn’t do anything except take a nap or celebrate someone’s birthday.

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  1. Pop-Pop says:

    So glad you are getting a break. Enjoy the time. Jonah probably only tells you what he thinks you need to know. (I remember a young boy like that once). And spelling – oh well!

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