Library Visit

We finally were able to use our Library (Bibliothèque) cards for the local library. They have a large kids section, which is good for the boys and for us since we are reading at a child’s level, and we have read all the books that we brought with us now several dozen times so we were excited to get some new books to read to the kids at night. We knew that they would all be in French but we didn’t realize that they would have the same books that we brought with us. The first picture is the book we brought to France the second one is one of the books that we picked up today. Joshua wants to know where the Dr. Seuss books are at, I told him that we would keep looking next time to see if we could find La Chat Chapeaute which is available on Amazon so I would think it would be in the library. Doesn’t everyone eat green eggs and ham?

Our Book from USA

Our Book from USA

Book from French Library

Book from French Library

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1 Response to Library Visit

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    Having the books in English should help you with your French. Have a great time reading.

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