Playmobil Funpark

We found a great place for the kids to play that was not expensive, not an easy task around Paris, and provided several hours of energy burning fun for the boys and mom and dad. We took a break from studying and just listened to other people speak French for a few hours.

Playmobil has a brilliant way to try and sell all their toys, they let you pay 2 Euro and then you can play with all of the toys and setup cites and build pirate ships and then they have you walk through the store to exit where you can purchase all the toys that you just played with. I would rather go back every few weeks and pay 2 Euro instead of 200 Euro for just one of the castles, not to mention they have people that go around and put all the toys back in the proper section so the pirate pieces don’t get mixed up with the farm or castle sets.

I’ve included a few pictures of the fun that we all had, plus we got to ride the bus to get there which both boys thought was as much fun as playing at the fun park.

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6 Responses to Playmobil Funpark

  1. Barry & Brenda says:

    It sure looks like a neat place.
    A fun place to do alot of different things and
    keep every one busy!!

  2. Pop-Pop says:

    How cool! I think Dad was having as much fun as the boys.

  3. nene says:

    Now that’s alot of lego’s!! I bet Noah and Nelson would have a field day in there. Praying that you all are adjusting. The kittys are still looking for you guys, the sit outside of your bedroom door. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Valli,Trinity & Michael says:

    That looks so fun. We miss you guys so much! So glad we get to see what you are up to on here:)
    Tomorrow at 10:40 PM Michael flys in to KCI. cannot wait to see him it has been a long 18 wks! He will be finishing Air Assault school tomorrow he really enjoyed the challenge of it.

    • David says:

      I’m glad the Michael will be heading home! I’m glad that he enjoyed it – You guys continue to be in our prayers and we will be praying for safe travels for him toda.

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