Adventure in Paris

The day before school started we had our first day trip to Paris. We walked to the RER station and took the C train all the way to the Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel stop, it took about an hour or 16 stops since Joshua was watching the map and keeping track of where we were at. As we walked around the base of the tower we had two little boys who said that they were hungry so we decided to find lunch instead of going up in the Eiffel Tower, not to mention I’m cheap and didn’t want to take the elevator when the steps were half the price. We found a sandwich shop that looked like a good place to pick up some food and then we sat down by the Seine River for lunch and tried to keep the boys from feeding the rather obese pigeons that were circling the bench we were sitting on. We then managed to cross the river and walk to one of the largest round-abouts in the world, the Arc de Triomphe, where 12 intersections meet. As we approached we realized quickly that j-walking would not be a wise move not only would you probably get hit but if you made it across the police were waiting to issue you a ticket on the spot. We did walk to the top of the Arc, 284 steps, and had some pretty amazing views of the city. We managed to make it back to Massy by taking the C train to Notre Dame where we hopped on the B train for a more direct trip home.


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  1. Pop-Pop says:

    I’ll only make one comment but I read all the blogs. So proud of what you are doing – and getting around with public translation. We pray for you all the time – and constantly wonder what you are doing. Tell the boys how much we miss them, and how much we love them. Take care – talk to you sson.

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