God’s Creation

On the 6th day God created the Woodlouse, also known as a roly-poly. This wonder of creation loves to play in damp dark places. I remember growing up that they loved to hang out by the backdoor and when they somehow made it through the cracks they quickly rolled up into a ball and became a crunchy little dead poly.

Tonight Joshua and Jonah, who suffer from Entomophobia, miraculous were cured from this aliment. They stayed up 30 minutes past bedtime catching and counting the roly-poly bugs that were minding their own business in the mulch in the front yard. But this nocturnal detritivores met their match today when Jonah realized that they tickled when he picked them up and let them crawl on his hand. Joshua thought it was more fun to see how far they could crawl up his arm before they fell off.

I suggested instead of seeing how many they could hold in their hand to build a special house for them. Jonah was able to hold 30 at one time but some of them paid a high price to spend time with Jonah and will remain all rolled up. We had a Dairy Queen Sundae cup that is now serving as an eco-system for a hundred or so bugs with some dirt, mulch and a few leaves.

Who needs toys when God has already blessed us with so much in his creation, we just need to take a step back and look and maybe not try and crush all the roly-poly bugs.

Time to catch the bugs

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1 Response to God’s Creation

  1. Pop Pop says:

    How awesome it is to enjoy the simple things. Tell Joshua and Jonah there are still roly polys in Harrisburg – they’ll be able to find them.

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