Pedal Tractor Races

Today was a beautiful day and there were lots of events to do outside but we wanted to find something special for the boys, and by special I mean free. We also wanted an experience that would let them have fun outside and burn off some extra little boy steam at the same time.

As we searched through the paper looking at the weekend events, we remembered the Deanna Rose farm in Overland Park.  It had been a few years since I visited and I was really surprised at how much they have expanded beyond the normal petting zoo, playground equipment and sand box. They have added a milk farm to show how cows are milked and several other lager exhibits.

Joshua was our tour guide and navigator which meant that he carried the map for us. Each location on the map had a number associated with it and as he guided us to each location he would tell us the number and then to keep on moving because we had to get to the next number. He didn’t like the fact that Jonah and mommy had to take so long to stop and pet the goats; silly number 16.

At number 26 on the map there was an intense competition going on between a dozen or so pedal tractors. The boys had to wait for their opportunity to get behind the wheel of one of these highly tuned vehicles, since I was not the only parent in town that was looking for an economical experience for their children. Joshua took the lead and had fun swerving and drafting off the other racers and trying to knock the other tractors off the road. I think the final winner was mommy and daddy with two tired little boys.


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1 Response to Pedal Tractor Races

  1. Pop Pop says:

    Grandpa Anderson would be proud to see the boys on the tractors. Especially Jonah – who seems to be sitting on a Ford!

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