Anderson Family Latest – May 2009

God’s Loving Providence

· At the Kansas City Baptist Temple Missions Conference a woman approached our table and pointed on the map to where she was visiting from in Cameroon. She shared how she is anxiously awaiting to get a Bible in own mother tongue in 2011.

· After they read about our journey with Wycliffe in the local newspaper we received a phone call from retired missionaries from the Central African Republic. After some interaction, he offered to tutor us in French.

· While sharing at First Church of the Nazarene in Warrensburg, David shared how a challenge at church five years ago led him to a group of Bible Translators in Sierra Leone working on a translation in the Kona language. A young woman came up after the service and shared that she is from Sierra Leone and the Kona language is her tribal language.

· We were able to complete and receive confirmation on the first step in the visa procedure.

· During Awana Puggles class one of the other teachers who works with DeAnna shared the prayer card of some of her close friends serving in Cameroon. DeAnna soon discovered that this family is in Maroua, Cameroon, the same city we will be serving in.



Jonah turns another year older


Joshua earned some frequent ER miles after a fall (thankfully only baby teeth).


Joshua and Jonah enjoying the park

Prayer Requests

· Visa Procedure

· Immunizations

· Partners

· Learning French

· Toothbrush Team

· Additional opportunities to share our hearts with others

· Health & free of accidents

Amazing Blessings

We have been so blessed by having opportunities to share our broken hearts for the 200 million Bibleless people waiting to have God’s love letter in his/her language. We were warmly welcomed at Kansas City Baptist Temple during their Summit Missions Conference, Christ United Methodist Church and First Church of the Nazarene. Sharing encourages us and energizes us as we prepare for our departure. We would love to have the privilege of sharing this exciting work with you and/or with your church, Sunday school class, small group or over dessert.

Email from Cameroon

Here is an excerpt from an email we recently received and they asked us to share it in our next newsletter:

We recently heard from a missionary couple working in Cameroon. They were greatly encouraged to hear about our desire to serve in the same area and are eagerly looking forward to our arrival. They shared that “there are not enough missionaries working in support roles in the region.” They know first hand how much help David could provide with his training in IT. They also look forward to the encouragement and Christian fellowship that we hope to bring as brother and sister in Christ. They are praying that the Lord would prepare the way for us to join the laborers already working in the harvest in Cameroon.

How will you Partner with us?

· Will you pray for us regularly?

· Will you serve as advocates and introduce us to your friends and family so they can also hear our story?

· Will you support us financially either one-time or for language school or on an ongoing monthly basis?

· Will you cross the bridge with us on this journey?

For additional information and statistics on our current monthly support you can click here  to read the entire newsletter

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