Great night at the K

Last night I went to the Royals game with some friends and it was a blast to watch as Greinke pitched. It was awesome to watch as he struck out player after player. The weather was perfect and the fans were excited and I got to see all the changes they made to Kauffman Stadium. We had some of the new seats in the outfield above the waterfalls, so close that you could almost touch the water. It was a great view to watch the game from but they only sell these tickets 2 1/2 hours before the game so you need to get there early to get the seats.

View from the $7 seats

View from the $7 seats

Best of all the Royals won 3-0!

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1 Response to Great night at the K

  1. Pop Pop says:

    When you come home – we’ll take you to see the Senators in Harrisburg. It’s no Kauffman field, but it’s lots of fun.

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