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Spiky Caterpillars

I’ve learned the hard way more than once not to mess with caterpillars here.  I’ve taken on hanging caterpillars.  I’ve naively handled fluffy caterpillars.  So when I saw this red, spiky caterpillar, I kept my distance, but couldn’t resist snapping … Continue reading

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DeAnna vs. Caterpillars

A few years ago, I (DeAnna) learned the hard way not to touch caterpillars here.  While on recess duty this week, I noticed many little (1-2 cm long) caterpillars hanging under a tree from what looks like a strand of … Continue reading

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Fluffy Caterpillars

When you relocate to a new country you in many ways are like a child again learning all the things you need to know about daily life. I tend to learn many lessons the hard way.  Today I learned that … Continue reading

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