The last day of our school year was May 18th.  Joshua finished his eighth grade year – so he’ll be heading to High School in August.  Jonah finished his sixth grade year – so he’ll be heading to Middle School in August.  It’s hard to believe!  There are times when I look at them and still see the little boys who once wanted to cuddle tight, grip my hand and look at me admirably.

Joshua “graduated” from sixth grade in Cameroon.  He had a great celebration gathering with his classmates, parents and teacher.  It was a great closure for him too, since we were preparing to leave Cameroon.

Jonah’s school doesn’t have a graduation, but our new Children’s Pastor at church and the Youth Pastor, started a sixth grade “graduation” with Jonah’s class being the first class to have this celebration.  The celebration was held in the evening of May 18th – the same day as his last day of school – how cool is that!?!  It was great to be able to celebrate this milestone with Jonah.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures, so I can’t share a picture, but I’ll paint a word picture.  The majority of the sixth graders who were at the celebration have been at the church since their birth.  I remember these kiddos from my days serving in the church nursery.  The parents presented their child with encouragement of how they see their kiddo and dreams they have for their child.  It was a blessed time!

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  1. Pop-pop says:

    Where has the time gone? They grow up so fast.

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