The Nativity

Monday evening, December 12th, our church hosted a Jason Gray concert.  David Dunn and Grayson Reed were also on tour with him.  It was a wonderful concert!


The second half of the concert was centered around the Biblical characters who are part of the nativity.  Jason Gray wrote songs based on the characters, part of his inspiration came from a book Beyond Words by Frederick Buechner.  I’ve been thinking about that concert, that book and the characters ever since.

Mary was very courageous, however, I’ve been thinking a lot about Joseph.  He was equally courageous.  He was accepting his fiancée and carrying forth with his betrothal, even though she was pregnant.  He and Mary were blessed with messages from God, however, they were surrounded by others who weren’t.  Others who would’ve been judgmental and condemning, however, Joseph stood by her side and honored his fiancée.

Something Jason Gray shared in the concert was thinking about distractions and busyness.  Most of the time when you ask someone how they are or what they’ve been up to, you’ll get the response that they’re/they’ve been busy.  It’s almost like the other person is pleased to hear that the person is busy.  I’m guilty of being busy and answering that I’m busy, however, being busy is also being occupied, which is having your space be filled (filling capacity).  Just as Jason Gray shared his reflections, I’ve also reflected on am I so busy/occupied and distracted that if I were living when Jesus was born would I hear his newborn cry and recognize who he is?  Would I see the bright star and respond to it or try to hide the shining and be frustrated it awakened me from my slumber?  Would I be excited about the shepherds excitement as they journeyed to see Jesus or would I call out to hush?

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1 Response to The Nativity

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Busy to be sure. Prayerfully never to busy to receive a messagae from God. Thanks for the reminder.

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