Dentist Song

If you’ve followed our blog, you know from time to time, we like to write our own lyrics to popular songs.

This song is based on my dentist appointment earlier this week.  It’s to the tune Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash.  This is a just for fun post.

I hear a train a coming

But that doesn’t make sense

It’s coming from across the room

From a lady’s phone in hand

I’m stuck in the dentist office

And time keeps dragging on

But that train whistle’s blowing

From that annoying smartphone


When I was just a kid

My mama told me, girl

Always cover your cough

No one else wants your germs

But the lady sitting next to me

She wasn’t taught the same things

When I hear that lady coughing

I turn my head and hear that phone ring


I’m finally called back

I sit down in the big chair

She starts to lay it flat

It’s time for my cleaning

But wait, where’s her mask

She’s breathing in my mouth

I want her to mask it up

Is it too much to ask?


I thought this visit couldn’t get worse

Boy I was wrong

When a mom pulled up with two girls

They are the dentist’s daughters

They have free reign of this place

I’m ready to be finished

I’m so ready to be finished

With this appointment and this space


That was my dentist time

It wasn’t like any others

I thought this visit was like

A country tune I’ve heard before

As I’m walking to the door

I hear for the last time

That train whistle’s blowing

And the lady’s coughing more



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3 Responses to Dentist Song

  1. Lisa says:

    DeAnna, I love the way your brain works ha!

  2. Claudia says:

    Great song to switch up!

  3. MawMaw says:

    Time to pump vitamins to boost the immune system to guard against open-mouth coughers! Good sense of humor.

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