#WhyBible – Play Your Instrument

This year Jonah is in band and learning to play the trombone.  As many of you know when someone is learning to play an instrument, the sounds that come out of the instrument is loud, screechy, rough, but we know that with practice, learning how to play and learning how to read and play music, beautiful music will one day emerge.

This past weekend I (DeAnna) spent my day at a Beth Moore Simulcast.  The focus was Symphony.  Just like Romans 12:4-5, we are all part of the body of Christ.  In a symphony there isn’t just one instrument, it’s a mixture of instruments.  Sometimes it’s easy to look at others talents and think, I wish I could sing like her or play an instrument like him or teach like her, because my talent seems so insignificant.  We each have a seat in a divine symphony, so we each have an instrument to play.  Some may be able to get a beautiful sound to burst forth from a violin and others of us have a kazoo, but if you are one holding a kazoo, play that kazoo with all your might.

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1 Response to #WhyBible – Play Your Instrument

  1. Pop-pop says:

    I don’t have a kazoo (I would probably even play that off key). A great message, however, reminding us to get into the symphony and play. God is able and willing to transform our off key sounds into beautiful music for him.

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