Parlez-vous française?

When we arrived in Paris, France in 2009, we were on a mission – to learn to speak French so we could go to Cameroon.  It was an extremely hard year for us.  Neither David or myself ever had the desire to go to France – it wasn’t on either one of our bucket lists.

We did what we do; we adapted to life in the Paris area.  We buckled down and learned to read, write and speak French as best we could.  We enjoyed taking in the beauty of Jardin de Luxembourg.  We enjoyed the convenience and efficiency of public transportation – trains and buses.  We enjoyed eating wonderful baked creations from the boulangerie.  We enjoyed visiting Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Versailles and learning about the long standing history in France.  The boys enjoyed our visits to the Playmobil Fun Park.

We have friends who live in Paris.  We are glad to report that we have been in contact with them via social media and they are safe.  Please continue praying for France and all who have lost loved ones.  Please pray for peace and comfort for all who are affected near or from afar.

Below are pictures from our time living in Massy, France.

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3 Responses to Parlez-vous française?

  1. Pop-pop says:

    What wonderful pictures and memories. While it was hard. We will always cherish our visit with you there. We thank God with you that your friends are safe. We join you in prayer f Paris.

  2. MawMaw says:

    Your year in Massy garnered a treasure trove of memories of life in the Paris area. The pictures are great, especially of young Joshua and Jonah. Prayers for the people affected by the horrific tragedy, for the city of Paris and the country of France, and to an end of the killing ideology of the terrorists.

  3. MawMaw says:

    I guess the terrorists aren’t the type to stop by and appreciate the wall of “I love you” in every language. The picture brought back good memories, DeAnna, of the day we shared sightseeing and catching up in the city of light.

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