Last week David was looking through Operation Christmas Child videos in hopes to find one that would be shown during church service.  He came across one of Christmas boxes being delivered in Cameroon.  It showed delivery in Baka land and also in Yaoundé (where we lived).  Although the video wouldn’t fit the criteria for showing it during service, David sent me the link so I could watch it.  It brought a smile to my face and a tears to my eyes.  I was a bit surprised at my reaction, but I was also comforted in my reaction.  Let me explain.  We lived in France for one year.  It was the hardest year so far of our marriage.  France for us was difficult and we were happy to leave at the end of our language study.  I appreciated our time in France because it was necessary and did help prepare us for Cameroon, however, viewed it as a necessary evil.  It has taken me years to reflect upon our time in France and have the feeling that I would want to return as a visitor.

Leaving Cameroon was different.  We had plenty of challenges there, daily life was much harder, our stress levels were high, however, it was also hard to say goodbyes and leave.  So I was comforted and encouraged when I watched the video and had an emotional reaction of happiness and missing it.  I was glad that was my reaction.

A little side note, when I have my quiet time, I read from my Bible that is falling apart and has my chicken scratch all over.  This Bible is a translation that is in my heart language.  I often feel as if this translation was written just for me.  This Bible stays at home due to it’s condition (I don’t want to lose parts of it) and I have a different Bible I take to church or to a Bible study, etc…  This morning during my quiet time, the passage to reflect upon was 1 Corinthians 13.  Of course many of us know it as the love chapter.  The verse and notes that stuck out to me were:

If I could speak in any language in heaven or on earth, but didn’t love others, I would only be making meaningless noise like a loud gong or clanging cymbal.

The notes I wrote next to this verse were written during a quiet time I had while in language study in France.  I wrote, if I learn French (at the time I was doubtful I would learn French), but never loved anyone in using my French, my learning it would be pointless.

When I read the verse and my notes, I smiled.  Wow, the Lord helped me learn French, allowed me to love others in using my French and brought this video in my path so I could see His hand in my life.  Merci Seigneur!


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3 Responses to Love

  1. MawMaw says:

    His hand is all over your life, Lizzy, through your mission journey, your sons, your marriage…and as an awesome daughter. Thanks for sharing the Word and love of Christ. Thanks for sharing this post. Thanks for being YOU!

  2. Pop-pop says:

    Merci Seigneur indeed. Thank you for the testimony – and the video.

  3. Barbara says:

    What a wonderful video. May God continue to bless all of you as you continue serving Him, and sharing The Good News.

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