Colorado Part Two

We decided to go the long way home from Colorado and drive to Mount Rushmore, through the Badlands, see the Corn Palace and more.  David and the boys never had visited the area and I wanted them to experience things I experienced in 1993.

Mt RushmoreBadlandsstorm cloudWe had a long day of driving and made reservations in Mitchell, SD for the night’s sleep.  David really didn’t want to stop for dinner, but the boys really needed some outside of the van time so we stopped.  After getting back on I-90, we saw a storm cloud that looked like a large mushroom or jelly fish depending on how you interpret it.  As we were fast approaching it at mile marker 217, we turned on the weather information radio and heard that the storm had just passed over I-90 at mile marker 219 with 60 mph winds, 1″ sized hail and isolated tornadoes.  I was awestruck at how the Lord protected us and kept us from rushing into the eye of the storm.  We saw a truck that was hauling a fifth wheel in distress because his fifth wheel blew out of it’s hitch, damaging his truck and landing sideways in the median.

Corn Palace

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3 Responses to Colorado Part Two

  1. Ann K says:

    We’ll be going through that same area … let us know if there is something really great to see or something to avoid. What’s the corn palace?

    • David says:

      Ann – the Corn Palace is a landmark where craftsmen take different types of corn and grasses to create mosaics on the outside of the building. They change out the mosaics every year. On the inside it’s a bit like a museum and you can see pictures of previous years mosaics. I like it and remembered it from my travels there in 1993, however, David and the boys weren’t nearly as impressed as me. It’s a free attraction. We did the quick version of the Badlands and that was enough for us, I think if we would’ve done the whole thing the boys would’ve been bored. We got out and climbed on them at the overlook spot. Star Wars was filmed there – our boys liked that tidbit. I would’ve liked to have had the time to do Yellowstone and Devil’s Tower, but it just didn’t work out on this trip. I would’ve also liked to have added things in Omaha to the trip, but again just didn’t work out.

  2. Pop-pop says:

    His protection never ceases to amaze me.

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