Amazing Block Soap

When we arrived in Cameroon in 2010, we were introduced to block soap.  It’s a tan colored soap sold in different sized blocks with a mild odor.  I have been amazed over the years how this soap is used.  Below is a list of how we have used the soap or how we’ve witnessed others using the soap.

1.  Cuts through grease to pre-wash dishes

2.  To wash dishes

3. To lather up to clean floors

4. To lather up to clean sinks, tubs, walls, ceilings, cabinet fronts, etc…

5. To clean shoes

6. To wash hair

7. To wash with during bathing

8. To wash windows

9. To remove stains from clothes

10. To remove greasy patches on clothing

I’m going to stop at ten, but I could continue for pages.  If you’ve used this soap, please share additional uses that aren’t listed in the comments.

block soap

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1 Response to Amazing Block Soap

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Now that is what I call all purpose soap.

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