It’s no secret that I like flowers.  When David was courting me he used to present me flowers.  I would carefully place them in a vase and smell them until they withered.  It’s been amazing to me all the different flowers I get to experience here in Cameroon.

I’m going to go down a rabbit trail for a minute.  When I’m preparing for an event or a gathering, I’m usually high strung and my mind goes many directions.  I truly can’t articulate areas where I need help so usually it’s best to just stay out of my way until I speak up.  When I’m in the midst of making food or what not, my mind usually comes up with ways to make something better.

While preparing for the sixth grade graduation I came up with the thought of having a flower arrangement for one of the tables where things would be.  We are fortunate to have a yard with beautiful flowers, so I go outside and start clipping flowers from our yard to create an arrangement to take with me as a decoration.  Below is the arrangement I came up with in about two minutes walking around our yard.  I’m going to miss the flowers that we are privileged to have in our yard at our disposal.


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6 Responses to Flowers

  1. Jill says:

    So beautiful!

  2. Pop-pop says:

    Very pretty. I guess David will have to make a flower garden for you here in the states.

  3. Barbara says:


  4. Marsha Nelson says:

    Dear Deanna, Choose a favorite photo of one of your flower arrangements and I will be happy to paint it for you.
    Love, Marsha

  5. Denise says:


  6. MawMaw says:


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