I never thought about the things added to the water sources in the USA. When we lived in the USA, we took for granted that the water out of the tap was clean (meaning you weren’t going to get amoeba or giardia or cholera using it straight from he tap), we took for granted that fluoride was added to the water source, along with other vitamins and minerals.

When we were preparing to come to Cameroon and met with a doctor who wanted us to get any and every kind of medicine to take with us, he said the boys would need to take fluoride daily for dental health. I just never thought about how it’s automatically added to the water in the States. When we can find the fluoride (it’s not always available in the pharmacies here), we buy several containers. The boys take a tiny fluoride pill daily to help their teeth.

fluoride pills

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  1. Pop-pop says:

    We take too many things for granted. Your daily blog helps remind me how blessed I am living here. Thank you for these reminders to give thanks for things like water and electricit . And fluorid .

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