Dirty Windows

Maybe I (DeAnna) shouldn’t admit this, but when we lived in the US, I didn’t clean our windows with high frequency.  I would say I cleaned them once a month.  When I cleaned them it was usually to remove dirty finger prints from little boys hands on the glass, not caked on dirt from the environment.

I get on cleaning kicks every so often, when I’ll remove light fixtures to clean them, wash curtains, etc…  I had the idea this morning that I should wash the curtains because it’s been a while.  As I was removing the curtains I found a neglected set of windows.  These windows were skipped over last week in the window cleaning process and wowsa on the dirt factor!  Since we’re in dry season, our windows get cleaned twice a week and need it at least twice a week, if not more.  This particular set of windows aren’t seen often because they are in the back room and we have things on the floor in front of the windows, so no easy access.  Well, they had to be cleaned.  The below picture shows the windows on the left have had their initial cleaning and the windows on the right have only had vinegar squirted on them to beginning the cleaning process.

dirty windowdirty windows

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1 Response to Dirty Windows

  1. Pop-pop says:

    I’m guessing that finger prints show up easily on these windows! Looks like a task for two boys, don’t you think?

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