Door Salesman

I have to admit that I could write a book about people who have shown up at our door over the years.  I grew up with Schwan’s food, I’m sorry for those out there who haven’t been able to experience their deliciousness.  I would get giddy when I heard the big refrigerated and very well organized truck.  Since I love organization, it was appealing to see such an organized grocery store on wheels.  I remember encyclopedia salesmen coming to our door, I remember Jehovah Witness people coming to our door and even people in need of help.

After David and I were married, we lived in a not so nice apartment.  (the pizza delivery guy had his car stolen while delivering a pizza to our apartment complex, one night we watched a helicopter with search light searching the area where we lived, David’s car was broken into)  Anyway, while there we didn’t get salesmen at the door, but instead had people from the RLDS church who would bring us boxes of food.  Once we were living in our first home in Lee’s Summit, there would be all kinds of salespeople – cleaning products salespeople, tree trimming businesses, asphalt businesses, etc… In Pleasant Hill, I spent way too much money purchasing a Kirby vacuum from a door salesman.  I also continued with Schwan’s and benefited from the meat salesman who would come when his butcher shop was cleaning out their freezers.

Here, we don’t have Schwan’s, but we do have others whom we have arrangements with whom we purchase food from.  On Monday’s (most Monday’s) Patrick comes to sell us apples.  Apples are imported and expensive, however, Joshua isn’t a fan of most tropical fruits, so we have a standing order for 8 apples per week.  Patrick is a blind man who is doing different jobs/services to support his family, so we are happy to help by purchasing apples from him.  On Tuesdays, Emelda will come, if we order from her to deliver bagels.  Emelda makes a few types of bagels and will deliver them to your door on Tuesdays at Noon.  Helene will deliver English Muffins, if we order from her.  There are other food services out there, however, these are the services we use.

So there you have it, no matter where we live, venders will arrive at our door.

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  1. Pop-pop says:

    I guess “door to door” sales is never out of fashion – and is universal. Hope Joshua enjoys his apples.

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