Water Bottles

There are several new families and I like listening to them talk because they are seeing things through new glasses, in ways I can’t see things here anymore.  When I heard one Mom talking to another Mom about how many of the students’ water bottles wear socks, I thought to myself and realized, that was different than in our passport country.  For one, students don’t need to take their own water bottles to school because the schools have water fountains, drink options for lunch, vending machines, etc…, but here that doesn’t exist, so it’s necessary for each student to carry a water bottle so he/she can be hydrated.  It’s important that the water bottles wear socks so the condensation doesn’t ruin papers, books, etc… in the student’s backpack and doesn’t leave a water ring on the student’s desk.

Joshua and Jonah have carried water bottles for years with socks wrapped around them and I didn’t think of it as different until now.

water bottles

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1 Response to Water Bottles

  1. Pop-pop says:

    I like the socks and it’s only different because we’ve never seen it that way. As Christianwe are called to be different (Peter calls us peculiar) and that is a good thing. So glad you were willing to be different and answer God’s call. He is surely using you

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