Cat Person

I’ve (DeAnna) always been fond of cats.  I grew up having cats and for some reason like the furry creatures.  I remember the names of all the cats I’ve had throughout my life.  Goldilocks, Cindy, Baby, Fuzzball, Toy, Thelma, Fluffy.  There have been some wayward cats over the years that weren’t given a name.  Our cat, Fluffy, is dog-like.  She will go to the door and meow to be let outside.  She’ll go out, use the sand in the yard to do her business and return to the door and meow to be let back in.  Sometimes she gets a little sidetracked on her way back in.  I chuckled when I looked out onto the porch and saw our dog lying on the tile, while our cat was lying on the dog’s pillows.  She definitely rules the roost.

cat and dog





Big cat

This was a big cat I held during a State Fair.

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4 Responses to Cat Person

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Love the cats. And they do know how to rule. You didn’t bring that big cat home from State Fair, did you?

  2. Denise says:

    I just met a lady at a baseball game that knew us in Leeton and she said she was the one that you put her cat in her dryer and turned it on! Bahaaaa! I remember that! She just laughed and said you sure made her cat fluffy! Heehee!

  3. MawMaw says:

    Your pets look content with their lives at your house. Lucky pets.

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