Light Bulbs

I (DeAnna) never gave much thought to light bulbs. Yeah, I knew there were different kinds, but other than fluorescent long bulbs, I thought the other bulbs all had the same twist/screw end on them. I knew the twist/screw ends come in different widths and lengths like a small night light bulb compared to a 40W lamp bulb. It wasn’t until we moved to Cameroon that my exposure to different light bulbs grew. I’m not a technical person, so I’m just going to call the bulbs what I call them and not take the time to look up their real (technical) names.

In our home we have fluorescent (tube) bulbs for some rooms, twist/screw in type of bulb that is the majority of light bulbs in the USA, 12 Volt bulbs (these are quite expensive and are necessary to run lights that get their power from a 12 Volt battery – very helpful during power outages, however, our battery died) and then there is the pokey kind of bulb that has a metal end with two pokey prongs. So we need to keep a variety of bulbs on hand and have a selection to choose from when a bulb burns out. So when David is changing a light bulb and I ask what bulb he needs to replace it, there is a variety of responses.

light bulbs

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1 Response to Light Bulbs

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Even changing light bulbs is a challenge. I’m not sure how you keep it all straight.

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