Lately we’ve seen many people complete silly online survey’s.  Things like what Downton Abbey character are you, what Sesame Street character are you, What State should you live in, What occupation should you really have, etc…  Most of the time we leave these survey’s alone because we don’t want to spend any of our internet credit on them.

We both have completed two of the silly surveys.  One was “What State should you live in?”  We both had the same state result: Michigan.  We were happy we were suppose to be in the same state, but neither one of us has a desire to live that far north – brrrr.  The second survey was, “What occupation should you really have?”  David’s result was astronaut and mine was athlete with alternative occupations being trainer or life coach.  Although these surveys are just for fun with no merit (in my opinion), as I read the description given for the occupations, I started pondering those occupations compared with our current occupation.

David’s description was he’s an explorer, curious about the world around him and the way it works.  Although he’s not an astronaut, the description given isn’t far off from what he does do.  We’ve lived in fifteen different places in our fifteen years of marriage = explorer.  On a daily basis David deals with governmental things, aviation, computers, housing, administrative, financial, organizational, security things = curious about the world around him and the way it works.

David BGAN

My description was dedicated, value loyalty, excited by a challenge and a problem solver.  I’m not an athlete, but I do rise to the challenge – learning new daily life methods (after the feeling of being overwhelmed is set aside) and learning as much as possible about medical things that challenge our family.  I do value loyalty.  I’m not an official trainer or life coach, but I feel that being a Mom, Homeschooling Mom and wife does make me an unofficial life coach and trainer.


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3 Responses to Silliness

  1. Jill says:

    Very true! And being so far away, its almost like you traveled to the moon 🙂

  2. Pop-pop says:

    I’m not sure about the survey but I do believe God has you right where He wants. It couldn’t be any better than that

  3. Suzie says:

    I value all that I learn from you about how to live life in Cameroon, and your friendship. You guys are great and we appreciate the many gifts you share with the community here.

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