Tea for Everything

When it comes to shopping, I’m on a mission (in my head I have mission impossible going on). I make my list in the order of the store and stick to it. I don’t like to take time to just stroll up and down aisles.

When it’s time to grocery shop, our whole family goes. I think there is a lot for the boys learn by shopping, so we take them. David likes to look up and down aisles and touch things, mostly because I’m so focused on the task at hand. While I was trying to beat my last time in my shopping endeavors, he found an interesting aisle in the store. He spent his time there taking photos of his discoveries.  Did you know there is a tea for any ailment? I didn’t know this until recently on a shopping trip.

anti cirrhosis tea anti diarrhea tea anti nicotine tea detox tea hypertension tea intestinal health tea laxative tea tea for women weight loss tea

There were other ailment healing teas, but we didn’t want to take a picture of those boxes because they wouldn’t be appropriate to share. Just imagine a tea that has Viagra effects.

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2 Responses to Tea for Everything

  1. Pop-pop says:

    This gives a whole new meaning to the term “tea-totaller” don’t you think?

  2. Oh Deanna, I’ve wanted to do this – take photos of all the different teas and blog about it. Thank you so much for doing it for me! We’re amused by all the teas too. Once we bought the anti-malaria tea just out of curiosity. As you can imagine it tasted horrible and bitter; a requirement for anti-malarials.

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