Shipment Smell

There is a buzz in the air a month or so before a shipment arrives.  It’s a bit of a roller coaster ride.  One person says it should arrive on such and such date, but it doesn’t.  Poor David gets the same question twenty times a day of when will it arrive.  Once it does arrive there are many things that can delay it from reaching its destination.

It finally arrives and gets unloaded.  Everyone is excited!

Before the most recent shipment (March 14) that held items that were collected from August – November 2013 arrived, Jonah said he can’t wait for the shipment smell.  It’s funny because the shipment does smell like Sam’s Club or Costco, I think it’s the smell of cardboard that has absorbed odors from its contents.

We get excited, encouraged and overwhelmed with emotion when we receive these packages.  Thank you!

box full of homebox of home


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1 Response to Shipment Smell

  1. Pop-pop says:

    The Bible teaches us that the prayers of the saints are a sweet smelling fragrance to God. May Jonah also catch a whiff of the prayers of all of us going to God on your behalf.

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