Those who know me (DeAnna), know I like to read.  My reading is usually in spurts – I get on reading rampages and then fizzle out for a few months and go again.

I also enjoy reading/flipping through magazines and newspapers for that matter.  I subscribe to several magazines and have them sent directly to North Carolina to slowly be collected for sea freight.  When I receive the magazines, I receive several months at one time, which is great for a spurt person like me.

I’m happy, happy, happy to have a whole stack of magazines to read and look through.  This stack was received on the shipment that arrived March 14.


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3 Responses to Materials

  1. Pop-pop says:

    That should keep you busy for a little while. Enjoy!

  2. The Global Recipe Project at is seeking recipes from Cameroon. I hope you will consider participating! 🙂

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