Colza Oil

We were in a store and I saw a type of oil I haven’t seen before, colza oil.  For a few months it’s been difficult to find any of other kind of oil besides palm oil.  Any other type of oil, but palm oil, is always expensive because it’s imported.  Back to the colza oil, David has a French/English dictionary on his phone, so I asked him to look up what type of oil colza is because I don’t know this word and I couldn’t figure it out by the labeling.  He showed me his phone and I decided not to buy it because I didn’t know what that kind of oil is.  I won’t give it away, but you can look it up on Google translate and type in Colza.

After further investigation and searching through more comprehensive French dictionaries, we found out that it’s canola oil.  I’m bummed now that I didn’t buy it because I like to use canola oil.

colza oil

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2 Responses to Colza Oil

  1. Pop pop says:

    Better not to buy and be safe than buy and be sorry. Next time you see it you will know.

  2. Barbara says:

    I’d stay with the palm oil. It may have an earthier flavor but you can’t beat the health benefits.

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