We are happy to have the ability to watch the winter Olympics.  This is the first time the boys have seen the Olympics.  We are watching them on the only channel we can find that airs them and all the commentary is in French.  We have noticed differences in this French version from the American version, for example, in some sports only the French athletes are shown and once the French athlete is done with the event they move on to a different event.  Also, when the French athlete performs the comments are: perfect, fabulous, wonderful, etc…  It makes us chuckle.

The boys have gotten into the Olympics.  They root for the American athletes and will call them out by name.  In the snow boarding Jonah was yelling at the television saying, “Come on Patrick; you have to do good; don’t let USA down.”  David and I were laughing.  The boys asked where the Cameroon athletes were.  We explained that they wouldn’t have a place to practice winter type sports, so that’s why.  Joshua being our geography guru explained how some of the other countries who were competing also didn’t have winter, but they were represented.  Another time to chuckle.

I’m glad the boys have had the opportunity to watch the Olympics and be part of the action.  It makes us feel connected to our passport country to be rooting along with our family and friends.  It also makes us feel more communal on social media because we at least know what many posts are talking about.  Most of the time we have no idea about television shows or movies that our social media friends are sharing.  We are feeling connected and blessed.

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  1. Pop-pop says:

    I am glad you feel connected. You are all gold medal winners in my book. Your training is just more eternal!

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