Funny School Discoveries

I try to make a memory yearbook type book for each school year for each boy.  Since we are nomadic, we can’t keep many keepsakes, so I decided long ago to scan and create digital books of their school work.  Plus there aren’t yearbooks to purchase as momentos, so that also drives the digital book.  I got a little behind for multiple reasons, like not having a fast enough internet connection.  I decided to try and scan the 2012-13 school year papers and try to upload the scans to the website I use for digital books.  While sorting through their papers and scanning, I came across some items that made me laugh.  That particular school year I homeschooled both boys for half the school year and Jonah for the whole school year.

Doing bestThe scan cut it off a bit.  It ends with mom.  When I asked him if he meant to write man, he said, “No, it’s mom.”

telephoneThe subject was, How has the invention of the telephone changed how we live?  Here is part of the answer that Joshua’s class came up with.

because fractionsAccording to Jonah since 5+1=6, that how you know how many apples there are.

biographyDavid and I like to tell the boys stories from our childhoods.  One night David shared about a pencil tip breaking off into the top of his toe when he was a kid and showed them it’s still there.  Jonah was obviously impressed with that story.

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3 Responses to Funny School Discoveries

  1. Denise DesCombes says:

    Love those memories!

  2. Mom says:

    I want to be with the boys to see their reactions when they read writings from your younger days, DeAnna, (your bio, some stories and the letter to the company). Yep, I kept them. The letter is in a picture frame. Priceless!

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