What’s Your Address?

What’s your address?  This is a common question and before living in Cameroon, I had a specific answer.  David & I had a specific street address wherever we lived in the USA and in France.  Now the answer is quite different.  I can give an address that is equivalent to a P.O. Box for flat mail that gets collected for everyone in our organization, but our home doesn’t have a number on it, we don’t live on a marked street and to explain how to get here one must know several surrounding landmarks.

I remember when we first arrived and were going through orientation, our trainer for living here went over a list of location names we would use for getting around in a taxi.  She explained we would say a certain word to get to a certain area of the city.  I  asked why we would use those specific words when there isn’t anything around with that name.  She went on to explain that at one time (1980’s) there was a building with that name on it at that location and so on and so forth.  Now I don’t think anything of it and give directions based on landmarks, based on things that stick out (like a big tire in the center of a roundabout) or based on things painted on buildings.  So, if you want to know how to get to our home, you first need to know where Mvan is.

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3 Responses to What’s Your Address?

  1. Pop-pop says:

    I’m sure I couldn’t find your home. I don’t know where Mvan is. You’ll just have to send Joshua and Jonah to find us 🙂 Once again I’m reminded of how spoiled we are – everything right there in front of us. I’m also thankful you have learned your surroundings so you can get around.

  2. Denise says:

    It makes me think how glad I am that God always knows our address and is always “at home” with us! I love you wherever your address is! Selfishly, I liked it next to mine but I praise God for your faithfulness to him! Love you all so much!

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