Animal Battle

We were awakened early this morning by the sound of a commotion between our dog and something.  Then we heard Buddy yelp and we were trying to identify what was causing him pain before unlocking our doors and coming to his rescue.  It was a stray cat.  This cat has entered our yard before and cut Buddy’s nose badly before escaping.

We went out to help Buddy and he had the cat pinned to the ground, but the thing kept trying to go for Buddy’s neck.  I came up with a bleary-eyed, not thinking idea to grab the cat and throw it over the wall.  I grabbed it by a hind leg ready to throw it when the psycho cat sunk it’s teeth deep into my hand and wouldn’t let it go.  In hindsight this was a very stupid idea of mine.  Finally it let go and David had a shovel plus a metal object that was in our yard.  He was hitting the cat and poking it, but it wouldn’t stop fighting our dog.  I was hitting the cat with another metal object, but I couldn’t go for the kill.

David finished the cat off and buried it outside our yard.  He said one of our neighbors came outside to witness this crazy foreigner in his pajamas burying a cat in the pile where trash is burned.

I’ve had the rabies vaccine and am up-to-date on all but one immunization.  I plan to start antibiotics today to try and prevent other bacterial infections.  Please be praying that I won’t have any infections and that the area heals quickly.


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6 Responses to Animal Battle

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Wow! We will be praying. (And the next time you grab a cat, grab it behind it’s head so it can’t bit you.) David remains your hero!

  2. Denise says:

    DeAnna! That psycho cat is hopped up on something! Please watch yourself closely. When I think of neighbors watching David bury that cat, I think of every creeper movie and want to laugh at what your neighbors must be thinking.

  3. Lisa says:

    Another reason to hate cats! …sorry to any cat lovers 😉 I will be praying none of his cat nastiness got into you!

  4. Mom says:

    Hope you’re feeling well.

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