As any mother knows – laundry never ends!  We are blessed with a washing machine.  I’m always surprised at what comes out of the washer.  When the boys were little, I would check their pockets, but now I tell them to that before putting their clothes in the hamper.  Some things are still left behind, but by Jonah and David.

Some things I’ve found lately in pockets.  This week when taking the clothes out of the washer, sand was pouring out of a pair of shorts.  Jonah had played with his friends in a sand box on Tuesday and about 1/2 cup of sand poured out when I grabbed them turning them upside-down to remove them from the washer.  Jonah also had a shopping list with two $1 bills folded into a very small square down in a small pocket in a pair of shorts.  David usually has tissues (due to his allergies) in his pockets or some change, but this week it was a peppermint.  His pants are fragrant now.  The peppermint was still wrapped, but mostly dissolved from the wash.  I’m just thankful our laundry adventures don’t have lizards or other little critters.


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  1. Pop-pop says:

    Boys will be boys, no matter which side of the ocean is your home.

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