As many of you know, we wait anywhere from three months to six months on average to receive a shipment from North Carolina.  The most recent shipment has items on it from December.  It’s easy to grumble when you are eagerly awaiting Christmas presents from Christmas 2012 and it’s now August 2013.

I saw a picture via some site on Facebook, showing a sea freighter spilling many containers into the water.  Plus back in July there were two freighters that collided in the sea.

Although it’s hard to wait, I’m just thankful when a shipment actually arrives in port.

Sea FreighterThe shipment arrived to us Saturday!!!!  David was in charge of this end of the shipment, so he and I worked together helping others find their packages, boxes, etc…

We eagerly waited to be able to take our boxes home and open them.  WOW!!! You were so generous to us, showering the items we had mentioned in the newsletter on us.  Thank you!

IMG_1852This picture is everyone’s things that just were offloaded from the truck.

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  1. Pop pop says:

    I’m so glad the shipment arrived. You are such a blessing it is only right to bless you. Merry Christmas in July

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