To Wii or not to Wii

We’ve had our Wii since 2008.  The boys have enjoyed it and we enjoy that we can take it anywhere with us since it’s small, light and travels easily.  When we hooked it up to the TV in our apartment in France, two things happened.  (1) the power surge was absorbed by the power supply and fried it, so we ordered a 220v new power supply for it and were thankful the Wii didn’t get fried (2) we had an education in different regions of televisions and electronics so the games showed up in different shades of red since the Wii region was different from the television.

We travel with our Wii and brought it with us to Cameroon.  First we played it on our 7″ portable DVD player until we purchased a very old television set from a family who left, but the screen on that set died and we purchased a flat television from another family in May 2012 when they left.  The boys have enjoyed playing our Wii and Joshua wanted to share the joy with some of our neighbors.

I (DeAnna) had reservations about inviting in different neighborhood friends to play Wii because one being that I don’t have that vocabulary to explain virtual gaming.  After Joshua’s persistent requests, I finally agreed that he could invite in Geovanni.  Geovanni is our guard’s son and he comes to our weekly movie time.  He’s a very sweet, respectful nine year old boy.

Although it did cause some frustration and I still couldn’t help when Joshua wanted me to explain Wii things to help with the gaming, Geovanni seemed to have fun.


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3 Responses to To Wii or not to Wii

  1. Carolyn says:

    Christian is an expert Nintendo player and I think he also played Wii himself!

  2. Pop pop says:

    Whether he understands or not, it is great that Joshua wanted to share. And I am certain Geovanni is better at Wii than pop-pop.

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