10 years, a decade, dix ans

Today Joshua turns 10 today!  Double digits!  He’s so excited and it’s so hard for us to believe he’s already 10!

100_0146Joshua loves the TV show Amazing Race.  He’s seen seasons 1-7 that we borrowed from friends while they were serving in Yaoundé.  For his birthday party he wanted an Amazing Race theme.  Yesterday, he had an Amazing Race to 10 party with his friends.  They raced around the outside and inside of the house starting in New York and visiting Paris, Zurich, Tokyo, Sydney, Maroua before ending in Yaoundé.  They had to have their picture taken with the Eiffel Tower (keychain), eat their way to find a smiley face, build a Lego car and prove its road worthiness down a ramp, search with binoculars for wild animals, cross Lake Promenade, build a skyscraper and more!

IMG_1766They were able to end with foods from every country they “visited.”  Fondue, Damper Bread, Crêpes, Brochette Chicken, Hotdogs and Faux Sushi.

IMG_1782Happy Birthday Joshua, you are amazing!  We love you!


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3 Responses to 10 years, a decade, dix ans

  1. Pop pop says:

    And we love you too. Happy 10th. Pop-pop and Nene

  2. Mark says:

    Happy birthday to you Joshua! I knew you best when you were a bit smaller, but I could tell even then you are an amazing boy. What an amazing race party! I was so happy to read about it. I’m excited to tell Kate and Audrey when they wake up.

  3. ruthann says:

    Happy Birthday Joshua! Sounds like your parents had a great party for you and your friends! Have a wonderful day! Love you!

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