International Availability

As I mentioned in the Box of Chicken blog, we are used to seeing our food packages written in many languages.  We became accustomed to this while living in France and since the majority of imported items that we buy at the grocery store come from France, it’s no surprise that the packaging has many languages.  This Pringles can has the ingredients written in 19 different languages.  That brings me to a question I ponder quite often, how come some companies that are familiar to us make it here and the majority don’t?  There are times when you can find a Snickers candy bar, so why M&M Mars, but not Hershey?  Why Pringles (packaged in South Africa), but not Frito Lay? Why Colgate toothpaste, but not Aqua Fresh?  Why Coca Cola, but not Pepsi?


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2 Responses to International Availability

  1. Pop-pop says:

    Pringles in any language are still yummy. And everyone knows Coca Cola tastes better than Pepsi 🙂 And who wouldn’t prefer a Snickers bar to a Hershey bar?

  2. Lisa says:

    things that make you go hmm…. Another one of life’s great mysteries

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