Pinewood Derby CAM Cars

During the month of April all the members of our organization who are in the country, come into Yaoundé for meetings and sessions.  During this time we have entertainment options to last us for the year.  We get to go to music night (watch our talented colleagues and/or children perform), there is a fun night (a variety show of sorts), a yard sale (we call it the great exchange), a carnival that the middle and high school students put on, a barbeque hosted by Wycliffe Associates and an annual pinewood derby race.  We participated in our third pinewood derby race called CAM car race.  This was our second year coordinating the event.  The boys love working on their cars and having friendly competition racing the cars.  This year we were fortunate to be in the USA to purchase pre-cut cars from AC Moore and bringing them back with us.  This was a blessing since the band saw in the wood shop within our organization likes to break frequently.


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  1. Pop-pop says:

    I remember the pinewood derby races from Cub Scouts. Glad you are carrying on the family tradition. The cars look great.

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