It seems closet’s are a bit of an odd thing in other places.  In France we had one closet in our apartment and we were told it was strange to have a closet, that armoires and shelves are the preferred storage.  In our first home in Yaoundé, there were some cabinets in the kitchen and two cabinets in the hall for storage, but that was it.  We used many free standing shelving units.  In our current home we have many cabinets in the kitchen and thanks to the previous tenants a large built in shelving unit in the laundry area.  We wanted a way to store clothes for the boys, other than a free standing bamboo shelving unit and a way to hang their clothes.  David & Jonah took on the project.  David made his measurements and went to purchase wood.  It was a bit surprising that the wood is cut, but not cleaned up, meaning some pieces have bark on them and all pieces are rough needing to be planed.  David and Jonah worked in the workshop at our organization’s construction department preparing the wood for use.  After letting the wood dry a few weeks, David & Jonah got to work building the closet.  I think it turned out great!

Jonah & Daddy building

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  1. Pop-pop says:

    Great job. I may a task or two for you next time you are in Pennsylvania.

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