We have rented our fair share of places in the USA.  We started out as a young, love struck, married couple with the idea that love can conquer any location we live in and lived in a rough one bedroom, about 50 feet from an active railroad track.  A few years after that we moved to a townhome that was very awkward, but we were thrilled it had washer and dryer hook up’s.  Then after that we purchased our first home, then our second and then went back to renting.  Something that all of the places we have lived in have had in common was the rent or mortgage was due the first of the month.  If we didn’t pay we would either be penalized or evicted.

Our last term, we lived in communal housing where the rent is automatically withdrawn from our account with the organization.  This time around we are renting a home from a Cameroonian family.  The owner lives in France, so we do all our negotiations and dealings with her representatives here in Cameroon.  Well, the first five months rent were paid before we left.  (It’s customary to pay rent either quarterly, semi-annually or annually).  Our next seven months rent was due in February.  We made adjustments because of the roof repair and paid the rent to the representative that we paid the first five months to.  About ten days later an older gentleman and his wife showed up demanding the rent payment.  We explained we already paid it.  The person we paid it to came over and explained he was the representative.  This couple said that he was the brother of the landlord and he should receive the rent.  This went on for at least a half an hour.  The other man handed us back the rent we paid and told us to contact the landlord in France.  David tried daily for two weeks without any success.  Finally she called back and instructed him to pay the brother the rent.  David tried calling the brother for another two weeks without any success, also trying to call the landlord in France without success.  On Friday, March 22, he got in touch with the sister-in-law and she said they would come on Saturday to collect the rent.  They came at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday and after about 45 minutes of difficulties the rent was finally paid.

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  1. Pop-pop says:

    It seems everything you do is a new adventure. I think I take way too many things for granted. Glad you were able to get the rent paid. I’m sure the boys were already up at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday.

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